Spring and Sod Maintenance in Florida

Manual fertilizing of the lawn in back yard in spring time

Manual fertilizing of the lawn in back yard in spring time

What does that mean to sod folk? Well, a few things…

It’s time to finish up any jobs that have ANY shade. Once the Florida heat sets in, we will stop selling any of the shade tolerant varieties. Shade tolerant sods are sold on special order/pre-pay basis only. So if you’ve been putting it off, now is the time.

It’s time to fertilize. Fertilization is an extremely important part of maintenance; but like over-watering, over-fertilizing causes as much damage as too little. Tom’s Sod Service always recommends using a professional but we do understand that many choose to do it themselves, so… Here are a few tips:

Bahia grass should be fertilized with a complete fertilizer such as a 10-0-10 or a 16-0-8. If the grass has a yellow tint, you can use an iron based fertilizer.

St. Augustine and Zoysia grasses should be fertilized with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer. Do not fertilize if heavy rain is expected within 24 hours. Newly spread fertilizer should be irrigated about ¼ of an inch. A ¼ of an inch of water will put the fertilizer level with the root system so it can be absorbed most effectively.
Protect our Environment!

Always read all instructions carefully and only apply in recommended quantities. Use a spreader that you can calibrate for proper application. Sweep up any spills and return it to the bag – never wash it off into storm drains! Leave a 10 foot strip around water bodies to prevent pollution.