Palmetto Grass

Palmetto Grass

Better than most St. Augustine grasses, Palmetto Grass holds its dark green color in sun as well as shady conditions. It has a dense, moderately course blade, which is very tolerant to traffic.Palmetto establishes itself quickly when planted in sandy environments, but has slower vertical growth, which reduces the frequency of mowing.

TOMSODPalmetto St. Augustine is a native St. Augustine grass slected for its deeper color and finer blades.  Because Palmetto has a slower growth rate, it will require less mowing than Floratam St. Augustine.  Palmetto St.
Augustine is a shade tolerant sod.  If you are choosing Palmetto to plant in a shady area, Tom’s Sod Service recommends only planting in the cooler months (November through March).

Shady areas?  No sod grows well in shade, however, some sods, such as Palmetto, will tolerate it.  Remember “If you can’t grow weeds, you can’t grow sod!”

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