Residential Sod

Residential Sod

Most homeowners want a lawn they can enjoy without too much time and expense spent on installation and maintenance. In the heat of Florida, keeping a lawn looking great is not easy. If your grass is thin and brown, it may be time to call the experts at Tom’s Sod.

Why Tom’s Sod?

Tom’s Sod has been working with Florida homeowners for over 35 years. They consistently deliver:

  • The Freshest Sod
  • The Largest Selection of Grasses
  • The Highest Quality
  • The Best Price

Their sheer size and business volume translate into discounts for all homeowners – even those with smaller properties. Want to know how much to budget? Use the handy Turf Calculator for an easy estimate.

Freshest Sod

Fresh sod is key for a successful lawn. Grass will feel stress almost immediately after harvest. Therefore, it should be installed at its new location as quickly as possible. If grass is allowed to sit in the hot sun, it can quickly go bad. Once that happens, no amount of watering will bring it back to life. The Tom’s Sod fleet is constantly in motion to deliver fresh sod directly from the grower to you.

Large Selection

Every grass has its own characteristics. Some will tolerate drought, shade or traffic better than others. You can learn more about the different types of grass and their growing characteristics in the Choosing Sod section or by talking to your Tom’s Sod representative. With over 40 grasses to choose from, you will find the perfect lawn solution at Tom’s Sod.

Highest Quality

Tom’s  Sod’s market position and relationships with high quality growers give them the pick of the crop. The higher quality grass translates into a greater chance of successful rooting and fewer weeds.

Best Price with Free Delivery

Tom’s Sod’s buying power means better prices for you. Delivery of over one pallet is free – even if you lay the sod yourself.

Use our Turf-U-Lator to find an immediate free rough estimate of your project or have our experienced team visit your house for a comprehensive exact measurement and estimate for $35 (credited back to your cost upon purchase).


Sod purchased from Tom’s Sod is guaranteed to root with proper care. Your Tom’s Sod consultant will review both the preparation requirements and the post-installation care. Sod that fails to root with proper care will be replaced.

Installation or DIY

Think you want to install sod yourself? If you are in a hurry or on a tight budget, it may be a good option. Simply purchase the sod from Tom’s, have it delivered and install yourself. Keep in mind, it is hard, physical work. However, with instruction from the Tom’s Sod crew, you will have a great lawn and the satisfaction of having done it yourself.


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