Shade Season

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It’s that time of year again, Shade Sod Season!

Beginning November 1, we will have Palmetto, and Bitter Blue varieties of St. Augustine available. If you are not familiar with these grasses, here’s a little information to help you choose the best turf for your application:

Did you know?

Did you know when the best time to lay sod is? It’s the cooler and drier months, November through the end of March! During these months, the insects are less active and easier to control. It rains less and gives YOU control of the water; remember that too much water is just as damaging as too little water. Because you’re controlling the water, disease is less prevalent. All in all the sod is under less stress, so plant away!

Palmetto St. Augustine: Palmetto is a dwarf variety that features a dark, lush green color. Palmetto holds its dark green color in sun as well as shady conditions. It has a dense, moderately coarse blade that is tolerant to traffic. Palmetto has slower vertical growth so it will require less mowing. Palmetto requires 4-5 hours of sunlight per day.


Bitter Blue St. Augustine: Bitter Blue looks the most like Floratam, so if you have existing Floratam and are looking for something in shady areas to match, this is your best bet. Bitter Blue has the same blade width and similar growth patterns to Floratam. Bitter Blue has a slight blue hue in color. Bitter Blue requires 5-6 hours of sunlight per day.


Remember that all sod needs sun! If you can’t grow weeds, you can’t grow sod.