How to Use the Turf-U-Lator

Find a quick estimate for your sod project by using the Turf-U-Lator.  A unique calculator devised by Tom’s Sod professionals, the Turf-U-Lator takes into account the aspects necessary to give you a close estimate.  To use it, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Access the Turf-U-Lator on the Tom’s Sod website.
  • Determine how much square feet you are looking to cover with sod.  Make sure to account for inaccessible square feet as well.  Type in those numbers in the required fields.
  • Pick a turf.  Popular blends like Floratam, Bahia, Palmetto, Paspalum and Classic are offered.  If you are looking for a different type of sod, contact Tom’s Sod – their professionals likely can locate it for you.
  • Indicate whether you would like Tom’s Sod to install the grass for you.  Remember that if you are a do-it-yourself lawn strategist, you will need to install the sod as quickly as possible to ensure a healthy growth pattern.  It is often easiest to have professionals do the job.
  • Do you have existing sod that needs to be ripped out?  If so, indicate that.
  • Click the “calculate” button.  Soon afterward, you will receive an estimate that includes the total price per square foot, the total amount of sod needed and the total estimated price.

Only Tom’s Sod has the Turf-U-Lator, which was designed to make the quoting process as easy as possible.  For more information regarding your sod project, contact Tom’s Sod at 727-571-1119.

*Please note that Bahia Sod may break into pieces,
may contain fire ants, weeds, and cow patties.

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