Artentine Bahia

This variety of grass hails from – you guessed it – Argentina.  Argentine Bahia might have originated on another continent, but here in the North American South, it is a favorite for pasture land, Southern lawns and areas that stay consistently moist.  Select Argentine Bahia as your turf and you will witness:

  • Extreme amounts of forage.  That’s what originally made this hybrid famous – its ability to generate thick areas of coverage.
  • Major difficulty with shade.  A hardy grass, Argentine Bahia nonetheless doesn’t seem to need much of a break from the steady Florida sun.
  • Water makes a huge difference.  It takes a while for these seeds to germinate and it is extremely important that the field be properly irrigated in order for this to occur.  The high humidity in Florida’s air helps the grass thrive.
  • Fertilization needs are small.  Higher rainfall seems to be more important for this Bahia’s continued success.
  • If it is used for pasture, you will witness a group of fully satisfied cattle.  It is said that Argentine Bahia has a pleasing taste – not that we recommend trying a blade yourself!

Is Argentine Bahia the right grass for you?  Decide by contacting the Florida turf experts at Tom’s Sod Service, Inc.  Our professionals deliver sod throughout the state and understand the nuances of each type.  We will help you select the right sod for your application.

Call (727) 571-1119 to learn more.

*Please note that Bahia Sod may break into pieces, may contain fire ants, weeds, and cow patties.

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