Mowing Sod

A concern that many Bay Area residents share regarding sod involves mowing.  The practice seems like it should be straightforward; after all, if a lawn grows too quickly, the practical next step is to cut it down.  However, following the correct mowing method can do wonders for the growth and health of your grass.  Here is how to go about it the right way.

  • Follow the clock.  Start that mower out on the highest possible setting, and proceed clockwise.
  • Cutting grass too short is not wise.  By doing so, you may end up with some dead spots as your blade hits the ground.  Resist the urge to save yourself a few more days of growth.
  • Use an edger in narrow areas.  This will give you a professional look.
  • Keep the mower blades sharp.  When dulled, they tear at grass unevenly.
  • Try not to mow the lawn when your grass is wet.  This will cause the grass to stick together, and that can make it difficult to achieve a consistent cut.
  • Do not forget the other facets of lawn care such as fertilization and weed prevention.  When in doubt, hire a professional to take care of these issues.  A perfectly mowed lawn means nothing if the grass you have cut is dying or diseased.

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