Commercial Sod: Solutions for a Variety of Needs

Looking for a sod provider to handle a commercial project? Need sod for a park, school, hotel, development or stadium?

Commercial sod projects require a special expertise. Tom’s Sod has been handling the most demanding jobs across the state of Florida for more than thirty five years. As one of the largest providers of both residential and commercial sod in Florida, you can trust Tom’s Sod for even your most challenging projects.

First Choice of Quality Grasses

Need a turf solution that is drought tolerant or a grass that will grow in shade?

The experts at Tom’s Sod will recommend the best grasses for your application. Because of their extensive network of growers, Tom’s Sod will secure your first choice of grass — even when selection is limited due to weather.

Volume Pricing

Commercial projects are a priority at Tom’s. Because we move over 90,000 feet of sod per day, we enjoy significant discounts. So whether your project needs a few hundred square feet of sod, or several thousand, Tom’s purchasing power guarantees you the best volume prices.

Transported Directly from Grower for Successful Planting at Your Site

Most sod companies store sod. Not Tom’s Sod.

Their 10 semi-trucks are constantly on the road to deliver the freshest grass directly from the grower to your site. The quick transportation assures the grass arrives looking great and without the stress of storage. Using the freshest sod gives your projects the best chance for success at the site.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Tom Sod installing sod at Raymond James Stadium

Tom Sod installing sod at Raymond James Stadium

Have you every seen sod that looks trampled and fails shortly after installation?

Tom’s Sod invests in equipment and technology so your sod is transported and installed as efficiently as possible. Proper sod handling assures your commercial lawn projects start out looking lush and stay that way.

Expert Installation

The expert team of installers brings the whole project together. From consultation on grass selection, site prep, transportation and final installation, the installers will work with you to assure the best results.

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