Tiff Dwarf Bermuda Grass

Go ahead and stomp all over that green carpet of Tiff Dwarf Bermuda grass.  This is one variety that can take the abuse.  You will find Tiff Dwarf featured on southern soccer fields, where cleats dig in to the turf and make mini-divots throughout entire fields.  Other varieties would go into crisis mode at the mere introduction of intrusion.  Not this one.  Thanks to its aggressive and sparse Bermuda lineage, Tiff Dwarf bounces back – time after time after time.

  • A soccer field is no good if it is full of holes.  Thankfully, Tiff Dwarf Bermuda quickly remedies the situation by growing back to fill any gaps.
  • A full-sun turf, this is one that is easily maintained.  Water it regularly and you will witness the hardy nature of this tough grass.
  • Tiff Dwarf doesn’t grow very high by nature.  It was bred to be a dwarf plant, and therefore does not aim for the heavens.  Any soccer player who’s suffered a grass burn can explain why this is a wonderful attribute.  Regular mowing takes care of excess length quickly.

Purchase Tiff Dwarf Bermuda grass by calling the Florida Turf Experts.  Contact Tom’s Sod Service, Inc. at (727) 571-1119 , and you will receive expert installation, competitive pricing and helpful maintenance advice.

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