Empire Zoysia Grass

Leave Zoysia to fend for itself in the midst of a drought, and you have a good chance of it continuing to live.  A superb container of moisture, Zoysia has saved countless homeowners who sporadically irrigate from completely killing their lawns.  It is also tolerant of salt, as long as the area is well-drained.  To achieve the best results from Zoysia, remember:

  • Empire Zoysia is resistant to drought and acts like a native Floridian: it does not like the cold.
  • Mow often – and mow closely.  Lawns that feature Zoysia in full sun conditions should be mowed every 5-7 days.
  • Grub worms are a Zoysia’s biggest enemy.  To eradicate them, be sure to monitor the soil throughout the summer and fall, and if you see the pests, immediately apply an insecticide.

Contact Tom’s Sod at (727) 571-1119 for more information about Zoysia.  Ask one of our experts whether the variety is right for you, and expect competitive pricing and quick delivery on a variety of sod selections.

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