Celebration Bermuda Grass

celebration bermuda

Go ahead – walk all over Celebration Bermuda grass.  Dig your golf spikes deep into its lush carpet.  Use your pitching wedge to chip chunks of sod through     the air.  This Bermuda can take the heat – and the abuse.  That is why you will see   it covering golf courses, sports fields and parks throughout Florida.

  • The secret to its toughness is deep-set roots.  After sod containing Celebration Bermuda is laid, it is not difficult to imagine those roots almost instantly burrowing through the soil.  The result is a solid base for the grass atop to balance upon.
  • Some studies have shown that Celebration has more of a tolerance for shady situations than other Bermuda varieties.  That bodes well for golf courses, which aren’t entirely out in the open.
  • Ever hear the phrase “He’s growing like a weed?”  Even more impressive would be: “He’s growing like a plot of Celebration Bermuda!”  This grass is eager to sprout and quickly spreads throughout the area where it is planted.
  • Slow vertical growth of the blades means less mowing – good for your maintenance fees.
  • You will need to fertilize this grass more than others.  It is important not to scrimp on it.  Be on the lookout for insect infestation as well.
  • Water this grass little – but when you do turn on the spigots, make sure the grass is soaked.  This will increase the drought tolerance.

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