419 Bermuda Grass

tifway-419If ever you would want to fall asleep amidst a field of green, you would choose a field of 419 Bermuda to lie upon.  This grass is a high class cushy hybrid.  It is lush and pliable, soft and giving.  It is a turf that grows low and spreads quickly – and is emerging as a selection for sports fields as well as residential and commercial applications.

Here’s the down-low regarding this “comfort” grass:

  • It does not have it made in the shade.  This is not an ideal grass selection for shady areas; instead, plant it where full sun coverage is optimal.
  • Heat, heat and more heat is its perfect growing condition.  It actually stops growing when temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A drought doesn’t mean certain death.  Though 419 would appreciate some water once in a while, it can withstand small amounts of time without it.  Once a week, an inch or half an inch of water will do the job just fine.
  • If you do not control the weed population, they will take over your beautiful lawn.  This is a mainstay for most grasses and it’s definitely true with 419.  Keep an eye on the weeds.  Use herbicides when necessary.
  • Fertilize in April and September.  For a more consistent deep green color, add nitrogen to the mix in the early summer months.  And to make sure this is done correctly, ask your lawn maintenance provider if he/she understands the upkeep necessary for this type of grass.

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