Yard Upgrade Thrills Customer

We were recently contacted by a homeowner who had Floratam grass that was already dying due to lack of maintenance. The yard was in full sun and the customer wanted Empire Zoysia Grass installed because it creates a tight, short, and easy to maintain lawn that is drought resistant.

The project is what we refer to as a simple rip and replace, which means we tear out the preexisting grass and prepare the ground for sod. The owner installed new flowerbeds and we leveled the yard to give her a good clean surface to start with. Next, the homeowner installed a new sprinkler system so her lawn is now very easy maintenance. Once the flowerbeds and sprinkler system were in place, we placed the sod.

After the sod was installed, we recommended a standard care process of watering the yard twice a day for two weeks. With this care, and the full sun, her yard should root within 10 days. After that, the yard should be watered on the normal maintenance schedule.

Although sod can be installed at any time, this homeowner scheduled this project during the cooler months, which is ideal. The grass is already stressed from being cut, moved and placed in a new location, and heat increases that stress. Cooler weather means happier grass, which helps the transition from sod to lawn.

At Tom’s Sod, we have over 20 years’ experience helping homeowners and businesses install and maintain their perfect lawn. We understand the unique Florida conditions that impact lawn growth and development, and know how to work within them to help your grass thrive. Whether you want us to install your sod or you are a DIY personality, contact us today to get the right grass for your needs.