Raymond James Stadium Relies on Tom’s Sod

Tom Sod installing sod at Raymond James Stadium

Tom Sod installing sod at Raymond James Stadium

For over ten years, Raymond James Stadium has relied on Tom’s Sod to transport and install their turf. The stadium is a popular venue with demanding grass requirements. After a high-energy concert or a fast-action Buccaneers game, Tom’s Sod is there to restore the turf and keep the field ranking among the best in the NFL.

It Started with the Super Bowl

The relationship with Raymond James dates back to Super Bowl in XXXV. In preparation for the big game, the NFL sent a turf consultant to hand pick the sod team. Tom’s Sod helped them find the perfect turf grower, and the relationship has continued ever since.

Most Changed Out Field in the NFL

The turf requirements at Raymond James are truly unique. Why? It is the most changed out grass in the NFL. After most concerts, the turf is replaced. Between sporting events the center and end field logos are swapped out because the red Bucs logo cannot simply be “painted over” to host the University of South Florida Bulls.

Specialty Machines and Expertise

Tom’s Sod was chosen for the demanding work because of their quality grasses and installation expertise. With over $1.5 million invested in specialty equipment, Tom’s Sod’s installer machines can handle the large rolls needed for stadium sod. Designed to tear out and replace a golf green in a day, the equipment allows a quick turn around if emergency repairs are required.

Emergency Grass Requirements

So, beside specialty machinery and fast installation, what else does it take to be an NFL turf provider? In short, lots of grass. The grower has to maintain three perfectly manicured fields of grass just in case it might be needed.

Even if you don’t own an NFL stadium, you can rely on Tom’s Sod.